Dadaism of 2001! a collection of 3 spiritual healing collages 22x28 inches on hand made paper. Mixed media, acrylic , water colour. senseless lines, trans attuned with guides. Price mentioned is for three artworks without frame. Shipping free.

The time, year 2001, after doing Reiki masters degree, took three years, of vigorous and serious spiritual training with energy work , exercising, meditating over chakra balancing, learnt to control emotions, making peace with past and this was the first connection I felt with spirit guides. 
There were not much symbols in my life. I am a more visual person, I connect well with symbols, and visual texts , images. My art in the beginning began with cubism. The moments cannot be explained in words, there were these amazing feelings of lightness and connection. these lines are senseless, there is no meaning, no understanding I can derive from these. The first connections were difficult, as people who have connected with their guides know. they never tame easily! for us to get right guidance and support years go by giving them love and of course once they are happy they protect and guide us every step as true mates and best friends. 
The artworks were done on simple paper, where I used water colour, there was no reference, no meaning , it was a feeling of going with the Eureka moment and making senseless lines. yet today when I see they have depth and there are so many hidden symbols in these small pieces. These precious are so special I made them into 3 collages. Went on an on repeating some lines without any direction or meaning, that was year 2001. Chose a few pieces and assembled them into 3 collages.   
The Dadaism of 2001! old artworks,  has brought a sparkle in my eyes! Sharing the Joy with you!
A collage 22x28 inches , mixed media on hand made paper. 
Thank you for coming by Razarts!  
All the Best from Rizwana!
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Dadaism of 2001/3 Spiritual Collages

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    All Paintings and Content are My Original Copyright Reserved including making prints © Rizwana A.Mundewadi

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    Thane, Maharashtra, India.

    *Disclaimer- Always remember there is no replacement for hard sincere efforts. Reiki healing art is not a replacement to modern medicine.. 

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