Music Flowing My Little Boat of Goodluck! Surrealistic Figurative Symbolic Artwork. Year 2000, Retouched and painted in year 2016. Oil and Acrylic on Canvas. Size of this painting is 30x40 inches and is without frame.

Music Flowing, One of the most strong influence of true spiritual love which transferred onto a canvas, music flowing.and into a series of sketches  about  Meera bai, 
the spiritual music hymns,  and her eternal love for Lord Krishna,  all these emotions led to the beautiful artwork on Meera bai eternal,  a series of sketches among the many sketches done in my early years, in 2001. 
Music Flowing
A symbolic painting of abundance as the water keeps flowing , the spiritual player who keeps making happy music while herself away from the world, covered with the veil of many musical instruments playing in harmony and with the tunes made there is happiness and shower of pink petals of love spreading with the flow of the water. The long hair of the spiritual healer indicate the years of dedication on spiritual path.
The small colorful boat of good luck and hope for everyone carries luck and prosperity and as water is symbolic of prosperity and wealth in feng shui this is a very good feng shui painting for wealth and money luck.
Retouched and painted in year 2016. Oil and Acrylic on Canvas. Size of this painting is 30x40 inches and is without frame.  
Meera bai was devoted to Krishna, Hindu God, who is an incrnation of Vishnu, Blue God.  She dedicated her life following with her true hearts love for him, singing hymns and praises in form of classical dohas, songs.  
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All the Best from Rizwana!
Do watch these YouTube Channel The Red Pilgrim videos for a great understanding of my art! 
Meerabai Eternal Video on You Tube-  Meerabai Eternal
Music flowing Video of the painting details clsoe up, has come out opposite in the camera my first try at making videos for Youtube.

         While on this spiritual journey of The Red Pilgrim, as I continue to paint healing art...I wish to make simple colorful understandable art, art that heals.
All the Best from Rizwana!

Music Flowing My Little Boat of Goodluck!

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  • Title-  Music Flowing My Little Boat of Goodluck!

    Artist-Rizwana A.Mundewadi

    Size - 30x40 inches.

    Materials-  Oil and Acrylic on Canvas 

    Year-  2000. Upcycled in 2016.

    Style-  Figurative Abstract,Symbolic

    Status-  Available

    Shipping-Free*Conditions apply

    ID.No.  –01729

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Thane, Maharashtra, India.

*Disclaimer- Always remember there is no replacement for hard sincere efforts. Reiki healing art is not a replacement to modern medicine.. 

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